About Us

Welcome to NBT UK, a UK subsidiary of NBT Co Ltd based in South Korea and an esteemed establishment harmoniously uniting the cultural legacies of South Korea and Scotland. Our commitment to excellence is evident through our three distinct business operations, each contributing significantly to the enriching tapestry of Scotland's commercial landscape.


Cosmetics: Representing Korean Beauty with Scottish Landscape

At the core of our enterprise lies a dedicated pursuit of beauty and elegance, epitomised through the wholesale and retail distribution of Korean cosmetics. Scotland offers abundance of natural herbal resources such as Humulus Lupulus, Equisetum Fluviatile extract and Veronica Officinalis extract. Through close collaboration with Korean cosmetic manufacturers and our partners, we have sourced some of the best natural cosmetic products made with Korean technology from Scottish ingredients. We offer our customers the chance to elevate their skincare routine with our carefully curated selection, embodying the pinnacle of the world renown Korean cosmetics.

Selection of our popular products can be seen on our ‘Shop’ page of the website.

Food: A Culinary Journey from Seoul to Edinburgh

With growing popularity of Korean food in the UK, we have expanded our business to restaurant industry. We offer our customers to embark on a culinary expedition at our Korean restaurant, where authenticity converges with culinary innovation. Our esteemed chefs meticulously craft dishes that pay homage to the rich culinary heritage of Korea, delivering an unparalleled dining experience that transports the flavours of Seoul to the heart of Edinburgh.

Our restaurant, Korean BBQ, is based in the vibrant neighbourhood of Newington, an ideal location to attract abudant population of diverse international students of University of Edinburgh as well as loyal local customers.

Address: Korean BBQ, 6-8 Salisbury Place, Edinburgh, EH9 1SH

Beverages: A Salute to Heritage, A Symphony of Tradition

While our foray into the realms of Scotch and Gin remains imminent, anticipate an upcoming chapter that intertwines the rich heritage of Scotland with our unwavering commitment to excellence. Await the introduction of a meticulously curated selection of Scotch and Gin that seamlessly encapsulates the essence of both Korean and Scottish traditions as we plan to offer our customers through our restaurant venture with a view to distributing into Korea.


At NBT UK, we are dedicated to serving as a bridge between Korean and Scottish cultures, fostering connectivity and appreciation within the UK. We invite our customers to join us on this transformative journey where each product and experience is a testament to the harmonious confluence of traditions, creating an environment where diversity thrives and cultures converge. 

Welcome to an establishment where Korea meets Scotland, and every encounter is an invitation to explore the refined beauty and distinctive flavours of two distinguished nations.